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Ford Uses Captured CO2 to Create Foam for Car Parts

For almost 20 years, Ford has been fully committed to research and development of sustainable alternatives to traditional build materials. Currently, the automaker uses recycled tires in its mirror gaskets, recycled t-shirts and denim in its carpets, and, most recently, recycled plastic bottles in the REPREVE fabric for the 2016 F-150...

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The Ford Super Duty Gets Lighter to Get Stronger

Last month, five real-world customers were invited to get a behind-the-scenes look at the new 2017 Super Duty. These people rely on quality trucks to get their work done, and had a vested interest in the changes Ford was making.

One of the first stops was to see the new aluminum body work. Each customer got to heft an aluminum door, and one of the old steel doors. The difference is huge, and it adds up, particularly on a SuperCrew cab with four full doors.

The lighter weight on the truck's body allows for reinvestment in performance-critical areas, like…

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Does a Company's Reputation Matter to You?

According to the 2016 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, the majority of Americans will do a little research on a company before doing business. If they find out a company has a bad reputation, over a third will opt out.

That's why Ford is so proud to have been named one of Ethisphere Institute's World’s Most Ethical Companies® for the seventh year in a row.

"This honor celebrates our employees who are committed to…

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Ford F-150 Continues to Change the Game

The Ford F-150 we know and love is a creature of aluminum, steel, and more superlatives than should be linguistically legal. Although the former two were the most publicized after its launch in 2015, the latest generation marks the 40th consecutive year of sales dominance, and more class-exclusive features than we know what to do with.

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2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Provides Exceptional Vehicle Value

There are a number of reasons drivers seeking eco-friendly vehicle options are choosing the all-new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the most recent being that it was names the "2016 Best Hybrid Car for the Money" by U.S. News & World Reports. Check it out in the link below!


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The 2016 Ford C-MAX Energi is All About Options

For drivers who are curious about switching to a more eco-friendly vehicle, but aren't ready to make the commitment to a full-on all-electric model, the Ford C-MAX Energi Hybrid offers a competitive compromise.

With three available modes -- gas, electric, and combo -- finding fuel is always convenient. Charging is just as easy with two charger options: 120 volt for overnight charging and 240 volt for a full charge in less than three hours.

Features like the illuminated charging port keep you in-the-know at all times regarding your vehicle's fuel levels. Find out more in the link below.

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2016 Ford Focus RS is a Hot Hatch with a Serious Performance Pedigree

The all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS is a hot hatchback unlike any we've ever experienced here at Lewis Ford Sales. Staggeringly stylish and preposterously powerful, it is, in many ways, the ultimate fusion of form and function.

What went into the creation of this beautiful beefcake? The fine folks at Inside Lane have the answer. Take a moment to tag along with them now:

Propelled by a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder, the Focus RS dishes out a downright dizzying 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque.

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Ford Assists Riders for Health in Delivering Life-Saving Medical Supplies

If you’ve ever traveled to a remote area, you’ve likely wondered about health care. What would happen if you got sick or injured? How far would it be to the nearest hospital or medical center?

For many people who live in these remote spots, often in economically disadvantaged areas, this is a daily reality. Imagine how frightening to have your child, parent or friend become ill, and not be able to jump into the car and run to the local pharmacy?


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Ford Creates "Drugged Drive" Body Suit

Drunk driving, drugged driving, distracted driving -- at Lewis Ford Sales, we firmly believe all of these forms of driving impact your ability to maintain control of your vehicle, putting you and your passengers at risk. Ford continually demonstrates a commitment to addressing this concern. The automaker's latest innovation is a "drugged drive" suit that simulates the physical effects of driving under the influence of drugs.

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