Whether you're driving through slippery Fayetteville streets or exploring off-road paths, the Ford Escape can handle it all. You can get this popular compact SUV at Lewis Ford Sales Inc with an advanced drivetrain. It has innovative technology that constantly works to keep you safe.

Many Escape models are available with Intelligent All-Wheel drive. This drivetrain is not like standard systems. It has a series of sensors that work to monitor your movements on the road and the conditions you're driving in. It takes measurements every 16 milliseconds. It uses this information to make automatic adjustments while you drive.

The Ford Escape can create the ideal balance between increased traction and efficient handling. It does this by balancing the torque between the front and rear wheels. While the system may be doing a lot behind the scenes, adjustments are made seamlessly. Changes will kick it whenever you need it. You don't have to initiate any settings to take advantage of the technology the Escape has to offer.

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