Learn More About Ford's 'Save Your Spot' Process

Introducing Lewis Ford's 'Save Your Spot' Process for Vehicles with Order Banks Currently Closed

What Does it Mean When a Ford Order Bank is Currently Closed?

When an order bank is closed, dealerships can no longer place orders for specific models. However, Lewis Ford in Fayetteville, AR recently rolled out a new process for customers interested in purchasing a new Ford SUV, truck, or fleet vehicle with an order bank that is currently closed. Customers can now reserve their spot in line with our Lewis "Save Your Spot" priority list to ensure they have the fastest ordering experience when Ford begins taking orders for the next model year.

How to "Save Your Spot" at Lewis Ford in Fayetteville, AR

This beneficial process allows customers to hold their spot in line to beat the rush when Ford starts accepting orders on highly desired models again. Once Ford begins retaking orders, customers will already have a Lewis Ford team member to walk them through the entirety of their purchasing journey and help them seamlessly convert their spot in line into an order. Once added to the list, there is no deposit, commitment, or purchase requirement.

  • To reserve your spot in line, visit our page to "Place an Order or Reservation"
  • On the dealerships custom order and reservation page, you will see the Ford Models listed.
  • Click "Start Your Custom Order" on your desired model to fill out your information.
  • As simple as that! A team member will add you to the dealership's priority list based on the sequence of when the request is received.

What is a Ford Custom Order?

Custom ordering a vehicle is the process of purchasing a new Ford based on the model and features the customer wants, compared to buying directly from the dealer's available inventory. To custom order a new Ford, the vehicle must currently have an open order bank. Once an order is placed, Lewis Ford will provide customers with updates and resources to track their order. The "Purchase Agreement" will be signed at delivery, which is the agreement to purchase the vehicle.  Visit our Fayetteville Ford dealership for more information or call (479) 275-4928.

*Save Your Spot! Reserve your 2023 model now at Lewis Ford. Ford's order banks are set to reopen later this year.