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Whether you’re brainstorming on how to deal with the current gas prices or just looking for some extra ways to cut down on your spending and save some money in your budget, Lewis Ford’s Service Department is here to help!  Not only is there regular maintenance you can get done at our Fayetteville Ford Service Center, but there’s also a few tips and tricks that you can implement yourself in order to improve your fuel efficiency.


Clear out the clutter - There’s a few items that you should keep in your car, like an emergency kit or jumper cables.  However, anything extra can add up, and as little as an extra 100 pounds of cargo can reduce your fuel efficiency.  If you’ve got sports equipment, camping gear, extra books, or those bags for your local thrift store that you keep forgetting to donate, you can clear these out and boost your fuel economy right away.  Don’t forget the outside of your car, too.  If you’ve got extra add-ons that you’re not utilizing, like roof racks, bike racks, and cargo boxes, these can increase your vehicle’s wind resistance and decrease your fuel efficiency.


Limit idling - You may have noticed that many late model vehicles, including quite a few Ford models, already feature a start-stop engine system.  This allows the vehicle to conserve fuel by automatically shutting down the engine when the car comes to a stop.  When you release the brake, the engine automatically restarts.  Surprisingly, idling your engine uses more fuel than restarting your car, and gives off 80% more pollution than when your car or truck is in motion.  The next time you’re waiting to pick someone up for an extended period of time, consider turning off your engine to save on fuel.


Perform regular maintenance - If you’re ignoring your spark plugs, dirty air filter, or underinflated tires, you’re negatively affecting your fuel economy.  Lewis Ford in Fayetteville is happy to help with all your scheduled maintenance, to make sure your Ford vehicle is running as efficiently as possible.  Even something like low tire pressure can drive up your fuel consumption by as much as 3%, and you risk wearing down your treads more quickly.  Be sure to schedule regular service appointments with our Ford service team to replace your air filters, motor oil, tire rotations, and much more.


Ready to schedule your next appointment to make sure you’re saving on your gas budget?  Give our Service Team a call at (479)269-4960 and get yourself scheduled today!  Or, looking to upgrade your vehicle to something that’s newer and more fuel efficient?  Our sales team is trained on which options could be the best in that case, whether that’s a hybrid engine, an electric vehicle, or even just a smaller, newer Ford vehicle.  We’re happy to help in either case, just let us know the best way for us to help YOU, and our team will be happy to jump into action!

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